About ChinesePornSites.com

This Chinese porn site is soon to feature a bevvy of Chinese beauties from everywhere but China. See, in China porn is illegal, it is still produced in the underground and webmasters from China have gone offshore and stuff but for a non-Chinese speaking half-ABC like myself its difficult to access, especially since they use so much stolen Japanese content in the mix it’s hard to separate what’s Chinese and what’s Japanese.

So, what you’ll be getting here is Chinese babes from all over the world where nude photography is allowed. Hong Kong girls, young Singapore women, Canadian Chinese babes, Taiwanese girls, sexy USA Chinese girls, Chinese milfs from Russia, chubby Chinese girls from South Africa, babes from European Chinatowns and from everywhere else hot Chinese chicks can be found.

This won’t be a Chinese porn site exactly, depending on your definition of porn, for our purposes we refer to porn as anything hardcore but even then what hardcore is is debatable. A catholic nun may consider hardcore flashing ones ankle on a public street. So to clear it up, just cute Chinese girls and models of Chinese heritage will be here very soon for you all to enjoy.

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